Greek and Roman Contributions

By John

365 day calendar

The Romans gave us the first 365 day calendar. It was used then to tell what day it was and when holidays were. Today it is used to tell what day it is and what is happening that day.


A Greek invention is the map. It was created around 610-546bce. The map is still used the same way today as it was used in Ancient Greece, to see were things are.

Central heating.

The ancient Romans gave us a very important invention central heating. It was used then the same way as it is used today, to control the temperature of an area. It started out as furnace that created hot air below a thin floor.

The alarm clock

An Ancient Greek engineer invented the alarm clock. It started out as a pebble falling on a gong at a specific time. Now, it has advanced into the more complicated clock we use today. It was used then the same way as its used now. To wake someone up.


The Romans brought us the very first roads. They are used for vehicles to drive on. They were used in Ancient Rome for people to know where they are going and for the military to move faster. Fun fact, there are 64,285,009 miles of road in the world.


Aqueducts is one more of the Roman contributions. It was used then to move water from one place to another and it is still used that way. Fun fact, there are approximately 1.6 billion toilets in the world.


The ancient Greeks brought us columns. The collumns were used the same way as they are used today, to hold up buildings. There are lots of buildings in Washington Dc with collumns used in the structure of the buildings.


The thermometer is another Greek invention. They were the first to figure out that air expands at high temperatures. It was used then the same way as it is used today, to tell the temperature.