For Amazing Oldish Women

Being An Older Woman

The Stereotypes About Aging

And The Gazillion Media Messages On How To Fight It

Roles And Responsibilities, Partners, Jobs

And Family Have Often Changed Or Been Lost

Who Am I Now? What Is My Place, Purpose or Value?

Is It Too Late For...?

How Would You Finish This Question?

I Am An Oldish Woman, Besotted Grandmother And Life Coach.

I Offer BodyWisdom Coaching By Phone

And With The Grounded, Intuitive Guidance Of Horses

One Of My Passions Is To Support Women To Disengage From

The Distress Of Limiting Self Beliefs And Connect With Their Truth

Especially Oldish Women - Like Myself.

Contact Me And Ask About

Pay What You Can Coaching

White Horse Coaching - BodyWisdom Coaching With Horses

Mary Barrett,

Life Coach, Grandmother, Practitioner in Reiki, SoundCode Therapy and Expressive Arts