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Nassau (the bahamas)

Getting There

There is going to be a flight from Denver, Colorado leaving in April of 2014 in which is going to another short stop at Houston, Texas and only then on the second flight is it going to go directly to Nassau in the Bahamas. The cost in total of this flight is going only to be $544 and the time of this flight will be around 15 hours so I would recommend to bring an extra $20 to get some food or you can just bring your own with you.

To get back to Denver, Colorado you must get on the plane and the flight will have two stops, one at Chicago and the last will be at the destination you are hoping to reach. The flight going back will only be around 19 hours. If you would like more information on this subject please visit http://www.kayak.com/flights/DEN-NAS/2014-04-25/2014-05-04

Where to Stay

A particularly nice hotel to stay at is the graycliff hotel in which has too much history behind it to discuss the matter. Although what I can tell you is that it is one of the most gorgeous hotels in the area only costing around $310 per night. I know this sounds somewhat expensive but it is completely worth the money. If you or your friends are 21 or over, try out the wine in the huge wine cellar or you can go swimming all expenses paid. Even a resturaunt is held in the hotel for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To see more pictures vist, http://www.nassauparadiseisland.com/where-to-stay/graycliff-hotel/
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If You ever seem to get bored just traveling around Nassau or just swimming there is many fun filled activities you can do around the island. Most of these activities are in the water so remember to always pack a swimsuit. Some of these awesome activities include, snorkeling, diving, meeting the dolphins and even fishing! I know some of these may sound new but when you go snorkeling you get to see plenty of fish and even some coral. Another activity to do with your friends is you get to be around dolphins while they swim up to you and preform tricks!

After all this you may be a bit hungry, but where can you eat? Well, in Nassau they have some island favorites like say you were looking for a fancy dining area you could just go on down to ocean club. If you are just wanting something simple you could just go on down to the Arawak fish fry where they serve fish or a burger, anything you can think of. If you are hoping for more of a "fast food" area then head down to the Bahamian Cuisine. All of these things are very cheap and very good so if you are hoping to learn their destinations then go to http://www.nassauparadiseisland.com/what-to-do/dining/ or http://www.nassauparadiseisland.com/what-to-do/water-activities/

History and Culture

This area now known as Nassau was once called San Salvador was one of the first landfalls of Christopher Columbus. The Spaniards found the native people of this area quite friendly and nice to them. However, the Spaniards realized there was not enough gold so they moved along and claimed Nassau for themselves. Later in 1695 the land was soon becoming a large attraction for pirates, therefor calling it the devils backbone. There was almost an everlasting war between the navy and the pirates until around 1800. By then Nassau had become a common slave attraction for people all over the areas around it, who had been forced into slavery. Sooner or later around 1940 the once known Nassau, quiet and peaceful, was now a very popular tourist area. Now Nassau has not changed drastically in the amount of tourists.

As for culture, well, music is one of the most important things in daily life for the natives of Nassau, music was so common here in Nassau and the areas around it are called the islands of song. It is common for the people of this area to have a thicker accent due to the mix of the speech of early Europeans language and the original way the native Nassau people spoke. The info found for this paragraph is on http://www.nassauparadiseisland.com/about-the-island/our-history/ and http://www.nassauparadiseisland.com/what-to-do/island-culture/


There are very few problems on this trip because of how incredible things are here, but these common problems can be solved easily. Time is little but the whole island must be explored so to get around faster and easier, either catch a small taxi cab or rent a car at the nearest automobile area. Everything is cheap in itself but it can add up so it is recommended to save up a long time for a trip like this depending on what is available at Nassau at that time. Honestly, hurricanes are common here so always look for somewhere safe to be if one occurs at the time you are touring Nassau. If you are wanting to find specific safe areas go to https://maps.google.com/


Nassau is a very beautiful place and not only that but it is cheap to eat wonderful foods, stay at very nice hotels/resorts, and it is very simple to get to, only paying around 500 dollars to fly to Nassau. So in conclusion of this exquisite island of the Bahamas, I would just like to say you better be packing a swimsuit because this is the number 1 priority trip to take anyone with you!

About the Traveler

The authors full name is Simon E. Fowler and has never traveled out of the United States besides the time he went to the Bahamas. He has in fact been to Nassau and soon hopes to move there due to the beauty and style of the area. He hopes that if this were ever to happen he would know about the history and marine life of the area.