Global Warming


Trees take in pollution and extra {co2}. there nickname is [The Carbon Sinks]

[co2] build up

{co2} is long lasting GHG= [Green House Gasses] . because of burning fossil fuels, 1750-329 billion tons of carbon dioxide burning in the atmospear. and if the {co2} built up; the Atmospear would accumulate = [gathering of things] . in the atmospear.
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The natural amount of {co2} = 180-300 ppm {parts per million}. Current amount of {co2}= 400 ppm. over a 30% increase of {co2} in, 800,00 years.

Increase in {co2} comes from. Coal and Oil. beacuse of the chemical compisition which has a uniqe fingerprint.

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