Organic Compounds and Living Things

Facts about the Organic Componds and the Living Things

The Organic Compounds


Lipids are your fats, for example, lipids are unsaturated and saturated fats. If you eat a hamburger that creates unsaturated fat. So basically lipids are your fats.


Carbohydrates give and produce energy. If you eat pasta, you are eating carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the most important organic compound because without carbohydrates you can't live. And I will tell you a little bit more about that later.

Nucleic Acids:

Nucleic Acids are your DNA and RNA.


Proteins are the second most important organic compound because proteins rebuild muscles or tissue after you exercise. An example of Proteins is steak. Steak has a bunch of Proteins.

The Characteristics of Living Things

Characteristcs of Living Things


Cells make up all organisms. Your body is made up of trillions of cells.


Homeostasis occurs when your body tells you that there is something wrong or you need something. For example, if you have fever your body heats up, that is homeostasis.


Evolution is when an organism changes or evolves over time.


Heredity is when organisms traits are passed down. Forexample your eye color.


Energy keeps all organisms alive. Without energy you would die. That is why it is good to eat carbohydrates.


Interdependence is basically a web. For example, grass needs sunshine, cows eat grass, and we eat cows. That is interdependence.

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