This is me

Sari Oravainen

Basic info

My name is Sari. I'm 15 years old. I live in Northern Finland in a little village called Tyrnävä. I'm about 160cm tall. My eye color is kind of a bluish grey and my hair is pretty much like the color of the sand.

My hobbies

My favourite hobby is dancing. I started it when I was six. At the moment my dance styles are disco dance and show dance. I have dance practise twice a week.

Me and my friend have a band called Bad Luck. I'm the singer. We have practise every other week.

My family and pets

I have a mom called Paula, a dad called Ari and a little brother called Juho. My parents separated four years ago so I have two homes. I have a cat called Patu at my mom's place and a dog called Saku at my dad's place.

Social media

I'm really active on social media. I use instagram and snapchat daily. So if you want to follow me here are my accounts.

Instagram: sariihhh

Snapchat: sarioravainen

Kik: sariihhh

Facebook: Sari Oravainen