Mandy Huff


The forest has four seasons called summer, winter, fall, and spring. There are many animals in this biome.


It is primarily located in the eastern half of the United States, Canada, Europe, parts of Russia, China, and Japan.

General Characteristics

In this biome there are many animals. You can find different tree's like maple, elm and oak tree's. In this biome they have a cool weather system too.


The forest has a quite wet climate. The average rain fall is 30 to 60 in a year. But during the winter in some places it may snow. During summer the temperature is at least 70*F. This biome has four different seasons called summer, winter, spring, and fall. This happens because the tilt of the Earth's axis.


In the fall the tree's leafs change color. They change to orange, red, and yellow a little after they change colors they will fall off. Tall trees make a dense forest canopy. Although the canopy is dense the trees allow sunlight to hit the ground. Some tree's have Leaf's instead of pine needles. During the summer the green leaf's capture sunlight to help the tree's make food through photosynthesis. In fall the chlorophyll breaks down causing the green leaves change to beautiful colors of red, yellow, and orange.


In the forest there aren't many land forms but there are lots of hills like in some countries you could fly over a hugemountain that is full of tree's. In some places forests are on plain flat grounds. Though places could have a land slide caused by weathering.

Human Impact

In lots of places people are cutting down tree's to put up businesses and towns we are cutting down animals homes. We are also polluting the environment which isn't helping either so. Maybe we need paper but in the community now we have technology we can do our work on so we really don't need to be cutting tree's down.


In this biome there are different animals like birds, insects, and reptiles. You can also find raccoons, bears, skunks, wood mice, and in the U.S. you can find some deer in the forests. There are also Bald Eagles they are large fierce looking birds. It's name in Latin is called "the sea eagle with a white head". The black bear is an animal that is well adapted to this biome. Its layered coat helps it during the winter. There long claws help them climb trees. Black bears are also omnivores they eat plants and animals.

Terrible Event's

In lots of forest's in many places there can be a forest's fires. Which is very very terrible. Many tree's are burnt down animals killed many people hurt. These fires are hard to put out so the more the fire moves through the forest the more damage it is doing to our community and environment.
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