Pie Friday

A St Ita's Winter Institution!

A Word from the Original 'Pie Man'

Well my adventure seeking the Greatest Aussie Pie continues in the far north of Australia's Territorial Waters. Legends abound up here and some concern that mighty pastry dish.

In World War II a Tiwi man with just one bullet in his rifle caught 5 Japanese pilots at once. When the soldiers found out they asked how he would have kept them all from escaping with just one bullet? It was the promise of an Aussie pie back at the prison.

Macassans started visiting from the 16th century. Many history books tell you they were farming trepang. That was just a clever cover for the early days of developing the pie.

Crocodiles are said to enjoy these warm shallow waters for the ability to warm their cold blood and plenty of fish to fill their stomachs. In truth their ESP tuned in 1000s of years ago to what would develop in the Great Southern Land millenia later. The Pie and Peas.

Which is the only reason they attack humans. Hoping to get a person who has just digested a pie for them to savour.

in 2012 when humans where difficult to catch one salty even marched into the local shop to buy a pie.


Alas I have had as much luck as that croc in getting a fantastic pie.

Thankfully my base camp is in good hands and the search in Dutton Park continues to go on. SO join in the search for the Greatest Aussie Pie and be part of Friday is Pie Day.

Beginning this Friday!