WISD Data Team Presents Edition #9

And all at once summer collapsed into fall ~ Oscar Wilde

Resources for fall ๐Ÿ‚

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MiDataHub Important Information

2022-2023 Fall MiDataHub Benchmark Assessment Reporting

Webinar and Side Deck

November 25th - Last possible date to ensure data is published

PowerSchool Information

Workaround for PSSP Worksheet B Bug

PowerSchool introduced a bug into PSSP at the beginning of October which is preventing Worksheet B FTE info from making its way into the โ€œ[WISD] CEPIโ€ and โ€œ[WISD] CEPI By Locationโ€ reports. As a workaround weโ€™ve created a report in the Snapshot called [WISD] Fall 2022 FTE Mismatches that identifies the students with FTE out of alignment with the Worksheet they appear on, and weโ€™ve created a brief video to show how to use the report with the Macomb MSDS software to correct your FTE. PowerSchool is working actively on the bug, so this workaround may not be required for long, but we want to help folks continue making headway on their count.


PSSP overlay process

We have recommended for several years that special education data for MSDS submissions be downloaded from PSSP and combined with the MSDS data exported from PowerSchool, rather than relying on the nightly data transfers. To demonstrate the how and why David Spitzley has recorded a short video showing how to use the Macomb MISDmsds software to overlay the Special Education components from PSSP onto the data from PowerSchool and identify mismatches. You can view the video on the Loom website at https://loom.com/share/d4eb993dce974eb6895b9e8a8c22b0d4

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Section 31a At-Risk

Please visit CEPI here for 31a information.

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CEPI Section 25 Overview

Submit Section 25e FTE Transfer Requests:

Districts may voluntarily request a pro-rated transfer of FTE for students who were eligible for FTE on the Fall Pupil Membership count date and transferred to their district between the Fall and Spring count dates. These requests are made by reporting the student in Student Record Maintenance (SRM) and including the Section 25 Component.

Be aware, there are deadlines that must be met for your request to be approved. The 25e_30_Day_Transfer_Window chart below shows the certification deadline for each student transfer date (aka 1st day of attendance).

Districts have 30 calendar days after the first day of attendance to report a student who transferred into their district between the 2 count days. The CEPI application for Section 25e does not open until late November (after 11/17/21 General Collection closeout). Follow the dates below. NOTE: These dates are approximate based on 2020-21 dates. CEPI will send out an email when the submission window begins. The 30-day timeline is still in effect during Winter Break, so plan accordingly.

  • First Day of Attendance between 10/6/22 & 11/16/22 must have SRM by 12/16/2022.
  • First Day of Attendance between 11/17/22 & 1/9/23 must have SRM within 30 days.
  • First Day of Attendance between 1/10/23 & 2/7/23 must have SRM by 2/7/23.

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