Washington Tech Tidbits

Washington School - May 23, 2016 - Rachel Labuz

1st Annual District 64 Student Technology Showcase is TONIGHT!

The First Annual District 64 Student Technology Showcase will take place TONIGHT (Monday, May 23rd from 6-7pm) at Emerson Middle School. A small group of students from each school will be highlighting ways in which they have used technology this year to support the 4Cs of learning. Feel free to come on by and listen to our students, as they reflect on ways they've communicated, collaborated, shown creativity, and demonstrated critical thinking with technology!

Regular Board of Education meeting begins at 7:30pm.

10 Good Options for Building Digital Portfolios

Great list of digital portfolio resources by Richard Byrne

Chromebook and iPad Collection - NEW INFORMATION BELOW!

All student Chromebooks, power cords, and cases (with tags) must be permanently returned to school ASAP to allow for inspection and paperwork to be completed before students leave for summer break.

Chromebooks, cases, and accessories will be collected this Wednesday and Thursday. Check out the schedule below. To change your time, PLEASE CLICK HERE.


CLASSROOM TEACHERS, please use this checklist, as students begin to return their Chromebooks and accessories.

Before we come in.... please have students log out of their accounts and REMOVE their logins from their devices. Then, students should remove the Chromebooks and tags from the cases. We will not be collecting the tags--students can take them home, if they’d like.

During your scheduled time, Pat and I will collect your students’ Chromebooks, power cords, and cases and inspect the equipment for any damages. All devices will be placed into your classroom storage bins and shipped to Tech Central. If damage is found or pieces of equipment are missing, a Chromebook incident fee letter will be given to the student. All fees need to be paid by the end of the day on Thursday, June 2, 2016.

Primary iPads and classroom laptops will be collected this Friday, May 27th.

Laptops and iPads can be checked out from the LRC carts through Friday, May 27th. Please use the appropriate Google calendars to sign them out.

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Breakout EDU

I hope everyone enjoyed the Breakout EDU experience during last Wednesday's QIT meeting. If you have any feedback or questions or would like some support getting started, please feel free to email me.

To preview games that have already been created, head over to breakoutedu.com/games. *All games are password protected to prevent players from looking up solutions during play. To get started, complete sign up at BreakoutEDU.co/beta

Remember, Washington has one full Breakout kit that is housed in the LRC. Also, next Fall, the Locks by Breakout EDU app will be installed on all cart iPads. The app contains various digital locks (some are similar to the actual locks, and others are different). It is a great alternative, if someone else is using the box!

Doc Tools

Install the Doc Tools add-on for a set of single-click tools to enhance your Google Docs experience.

This add-on provides 13 tools that you can apply to any document, such as:

  • increase/decrease font size
  • quickly capitalize each sentence
  • highlight important information
  • arrange table rows, list items, or headings in ABC order
  • ...and much more!

Don't just teach lessons. Create experiences. They'll remember experiences forever. - @burgessdave

As the school year comes to a close, think about all of the wonderful experiences that you created for your students this year. Think about what lessons worked and how you can make them even better. Think about the activities you'd like to try out in the future and how to challenge yourself to be an even greater teacher in the 2016-17 school year.

It has been my pleasure working with you this year! Enjoy the last week and a half of school with your students!