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Math Masters: Aerobics of the Mind - Session 2, Week 1

June 13, 2014

Weekly Updates

This week in Math Masters, students have already stretched their minds and challenged themselves mathematically! They have started each day with a math challenge, we have read many math-related book, and have played math strategy games that use a variety of math skills! We have played the following games for our stations this week:
  • Snap It Up!
  • Mastermind
  • Rush Hour
  • Set
  • Multiplication Bingo

We have read the following math-related books this week:

  • How Much is a Million? - by David M. Schwartz
  • Let's Fly a Kite - by Stuart J. Murphy
  • Ready, Set, Hop! - by Stuart J. Murphy
  • Betcha! - by Stuart J. Murphy
  • G is for Googol (a Math Alphabet Book) - by David M. Schwarts - we will continue this throughout the duration of the class

We have also explored Binary Expansion with a fun magic trick! (Ask your child to show you!) Coming up next week, we will continue to work on math skills through playing games, doing puzzles, and working on challenges.


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