The Great Depression

By: Ariana, Adkin and Dream

Overview of the Great Depression

The Great Depression lasted 10 years starting in 1929. The stock market crashed in October and made millions of investors loose their businesses. President Franklin D Rosevelt was in office at the time trying his best to fix the problem and make it all better. But everything fell apart, people stopped buying things, and the unemployment levels raised. But this wasn't all solved until 1939 when World War II was happening.

Personal Stories

Henry Marquez remembers that the winters were very cold and all of his 12 siblings had to huddle for warmth on the floor. There was trash everywhere and his sister came down with tuberculosis. And he is trying to help his old town but it isn’t quite working. He also remembers how hard it was to find food to eat and hard for his mother to feed all of her children. That is why he is trying to give back to his original town to help them strive .

Les Orear had a father that was a newspapermen and he was in college at the time the stock market crashed. They had holidays off but he did not view them as holidays, he viewed them as days with no pay. He learned the value of money and he knows that sometimes it is not easy to come by. One of his biggest pet peeves are when the younger generation complains about things that are not important and when they are ungrateful, because at one point he had nothing and now they have everything.

Overall Statement

In 1929 many jobs were lost and the economy had fallen. The stock market crashed and many families had to learn how to survive with very little.