Brynn Amacher: Period 1

Basic Facts

Judaism is a religion whose god is called Yahweh. The followers are called Jews. Jews only believe in one god, just like Christians and Muslims. Their religious holy book is called a Torah. Their worship leader is called a Rabbi, and they worship in temples/synagogues. The Jewish symbol looks like a triangle with an upside-down triangle on top of it. Something that Jews, Muslims, and Christians have in common is that they are called Abrahamic religions, because they have history based on Abraham and the Hebrew Bible.

Holy Days

A Jewish holy day is Yom Kippur. It is the most important holiday to the Jews. Also, their holy days are Friday night to Saturday morning. They also celebrate The Day of Judgement.

Worship Pictures

Holy Cities/Places

One holy place of Judaism is the Hurva Synagogue. The Jews worship and celebrate there. The picture to the right shows what it looks like. Another holy place is Kotel, also known as the western wall.

Jewish Tradition

The picture to the left is a Jewish tradition of lighting a menorah during Hanuka.
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