Wilkes County

Nature and Relaxation at foothills of the Blue Ridge Parkway

What do you need to know about Wilkes County

-Wilkes County is in the mountains of North Carolina. it was founded in 1777 and it got its name from John Wilkes lord mayor of of the city of London,There are four board of commissioners.The county manager of Wilkes County is North Wilkes. Two natural landmarks in Wilkes county are Blue Ridge Mountains and Appalachian mountains. one of the tourist attractions are Brown-Cowles house. Another attraction is Buck Shoals Vineyard. Blue Ridge Parkway borders Wilkes county.The county seat of Wilkes County is Wilkesboro. There are five members of the board of commissions.The town manager is Larry South. the mayor of north Wilkesboro is Robert l Johnson. some attractions are the Wilkes Art Gallery.