Tulsa Daily

By: Austin Cantwell

Hiding Heroes

The Fire

It was mid day yesterday when one of the old abandoned churches in Tulsa burst into flames. Unfortunately when this happened, a small group of kids were playing in the church. From the top of a hill, young kids named Johnny and Ponyboy saw the burning church and didn't think twice about their decision. In less than a minute, Johnny and Ponyboy were inside the church, saving the kids. All the kids made it out alive. Ponyboy's back was in flames when he came out, "The jacket saved my life." The kids were rushed to the hospital where Ponyboy is in good condition, but Johnny is still suffering from a broken back.

The Backstory

We caught up with officials after the fire, who had identified them as the two that killed a teenager, Bob Sheldon. The two boys called it an act of self defense, but Bobs friends called it murder. The trial will be held on Tuesday, but no one is sure how long it will go. We also don't know if them saving the kids is going to benefit them in the trial or not.