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Divergent Series Summary

In the novel Divergent, a young girl named Beatrice Prior puts herself into another faction called the Dauntless. When arriving at Dauntless headquarters she changes her name to Tris and starts a new life. During her training she falls in love with her instructor, Four. In the second novel Insurgent, a war goes down between factions all because of one person, Jeanine Matthews, she was the leader of the Erudite. Jeanine was willing to do anything just to protect some information she had locked away inside her computer. After the many Abnegation people were left faction-less or dead. In the final book of the series, Allegiant, Tris and Tobias started out in the Erudite compound as prisoners. Tobias came up with a plan for him, tris, and some other prisoners to escape the Erudite headquarters. The plan worked and they escaped, later in the novel they formed a group who called themselves the Allegiant and ventured outside the fenced in city. Outside those fences they all planned to start a new life, a better one.
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Two of the major characters in the Divergent trilogy is Tris (Beatrice), and Four (Tobias). In the very beginning they fall for each other and just fall more in love as the books go on. In Divergent they first met when Beatrice jumped from the top of a building and Four helped her out of the net she landed in. There she changed her name to Tris and everybody knew her as the girl who jumped from the skyscraper. In Insurgent Tobias saves Tris from the simulation influenced war. Together they stop Jeanine Mathews and save more lives from being lost the outbreak of war and violence.

Novel setting

This novel takes place in the different faction headquarters inside the fenced in city.
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This clip is the official trailer for the Divergent movie and in my opinion does a wonderful job of wrapping up what happens in about every single book. The romance between Tobias and Tris, the faction separation, and the constant war. It shows just how tough Dauntless life really is based on how it is explained in the book.
DIVERGENT - Trailer - Official [HD] - 2014

About the Author

Author Veronica Roth is an American novelist and short story writer some of her most famous pieces have been the Divergent Trilogy. The Divergent Trilogy happened to be a New York Times bestseller. Veronica Roth was born in New York City and primarily raised in Barrington, Illinois. Her parents divorced when she was five and her mother remarried. Her maternal grandparents were concentration camp survivors, whose religious convictions pushed her mother away from religion. Roth started her writing career in her senior year at Northwestern University, with writing her first book, Divergent.
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Book Reviews


theReader278: One of the best books I have read. It is a story that keeps you entertained for hours.

Anonymous: One of my all time favorites now. Everyone needs to add it to their must read list.


Leah-books: I am a teen and I really enjoyed this book. It had such an interesting story outline. Finished it very quickly.

VulturiClanMember: If you loved the hunger games feeling then this is the kind of saga (i hope) that won't disappoint you. Im soooooo excited to read this one!


2rascals: I LOVED the first two books but this one ruined it for me. I'm sad to say I'll never pick up the third book again.

Anonymous: This is the only series I couldn't put down until it was read.

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