Darbie and DJ

Bringing the Digital World to Life

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Darbie and DJ are the new way to have a play date! Using coding/cloning technology, we have partnered with 123D Digital Design to create a way to play dolls with a friend anytime, anywhere. Design a doll that is uniquely you, with our 4D technology. After you create your doll, it will be shipped to you in pairs, one for you and one for your friend. Using your own wifi, you can interact with your friends through voice and action. When you move your doll or talk, your friend who has the other doll will see your doll move and be able to interact with your doll and vice versa.

Great for Boys or Girls ages 8+

Get Darbie or DJ!


Only $80 for a pair if you purchase on Black Friday or Cyber Monday!

Includes standard charger and one outfit per doll.

Bed charging unit sold separately.

Get Yours at www.digitalyou.com

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Design Darbie or DJ to be Uniquely You!

2 Year Total Replacement Warranty $25.

All data is stored in our digisafe cloud and if your child breaks or loses their new friend a new one can be shipped in 2-3 business days.