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In this website , you will understand the process of photosythesis and the 3 stages and what their conceps are. Also, you will see a description of chloroplasts with a few images


Is the process of converting light energy to chemical energy and storing in bonds of sugar.

The 3 parts

Light dependent reactions , light independent reactions , calvin cycle .

Important concepts of each stage

Light dependent reactions - capturing energy from sunlight and using energy from ATP and NADPH.

Calvin Cycle - energy stored by the light dependent enters and leaves stomata

Light indpendenet reaction - chemical reactions that convert carbon dioxide and other compounds to gluclose .

Description of chloraplast

a source of virtually all of the worlds food and fuel and much of its oxygen supply , and as such life on earth depends on them . They are a vital component of all the photosynthetic cells in plants and algae , and are unique to them What makes them so important is that they are the sites of photosynthesis, from the absorption of light by chlorophyll through to the production of the first simple sugars. It is chlorophyll that gives them their characteristic green color. They are present in all green-colored cells of a plant; not only in leaves, but also in green stems and green parts of a fruit.
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