The followers are sometimes called Muslims

By: Josh partridge period 5

Teachings and Beliefs / Traditions

Muslims believe in many different things. They believe that there is only one holy god. They also believe that they have to prayer 5 times a day to god. When you pray your taking to god. As well as those they also believe in the 5 pillars of Islam : Faith, Prayer, Charity, Fasting, Pilgrimage.

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Places of Worship

Muslims worship in a mosque. A mosque is a large spacious building used for praying, worshiping, and other related activities. Usually a mosque is very sacred and special to Muslims.
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Worship Leaders

There are many types of leaders in the Islam religion."Imams" are prayer leaders and "mullahs" are the Muslim teachers. Muezzin leads call to prayer, traditionally from high atop minaret. But loudspeakers are often used today.
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Holy Book

The Muslims holy book is the Qu'ran or Koran. They use this book to study and use it to have a strong testimony about their religion.

Holidays / Holy days

Muslims celebrate Ramadan. A day were Muslims celebrate Allah (god) Giving Muhammad message. They also celebrate the two Eids, Eid al Fitr, and Eid al adha. Eid al Firt The time after Ramadan to give gifts,food,family,and thanks

Holy Cities / Places

A very special place for Muslims is the dome of the rock . The dome of the rock is a shrine located on the "temple mount" in Jerusalem.
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Common Figure / View of God

The common figure of Islam is Abraham (the founder of the religion). He is actually the the founder of Judaism and Christianity also. And since they were all created by the same person they also all believe in one god.This set them apart from other religions at the time.
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