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News and Updates from Mrs. Hernandez's 2nd Grade Class

Hello families!

I was so glad to see our classroom family back together today! I missed everyone but hope you got to enjoy some nice time together. Our classroom was not at all impacted by flooding and it is nice to get back into the swing of things . I hope that everything continues to be alright for you and your loved ones.

Updates and changes from things we missed...

1. Fall conferences

I so appreciate your flexibility with rescheduling these. They will now be taking place this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I will be mailing out a sign up from SignUp Genius, in which you can choose time that works for you. There are a number of slots available, which will appear on the page as unavailable once it is taken. Please note that each conference will be 20 minutes long, so if you sign up for a 4:00 time, for example, the conference will be from 4:00 to 4:20.

2. Picture day and yearbooks

I have not yet learned when picture day will be moved to, but I have been made aware that the deadline for purchasing yearbooks has been extended from last Friday to this Friday. You can return the materials sent home with your child, or you can make orders online.

3. Social studies projects

Students are working on a social studies project that was going to be due tomorrow. They were given a folder with their name on it, a note for you, directions, and paper. It is a chance to showcase some of the different things we have been learning about, as they apply to your child personally. It was assigned before our break, but we didn't work on it together until today. We will do in class the item about groups we belong to, and we will work on our tables of contents.

As the letter included with the project states, I thank you for your support in providing transportation, supplies, and/or ideas, if necessary. All work, including all writing, should be your child's.

The project's turn-in date has been extended from the 13th to Monday, October 19th.

What We've Been Learning

Math- We are reviewing and finishing up Chapter 1 in our MyMath books. One of the best ways to support students in this chapter and beyond is continuing to practice fluency with addition and subtraction facts, be that with verbally asking, writing down a number sentence and having your student finish it, or using dollar store or homemade flash cards. This includes "doubles facts," that is, readily recognizing that 7+7=14, for example, and that if we know that, that we can quickly know that 14-7=7.

Reading- Our reading homework has increased to reading for 20 minutes each night. Please continue to check that your student is filling out his or her reading log each night. This is an important tool for your student, you, and me to keep track of patterns we notice in their reading. When it is full, it will be turned in and students will take a fresh one.

We've also begun partner reading/ sharing at the end of our reader's workshop and book club times, on the days that we spend those reading independently. Students who have successfully read independently for the set time (usually 15 or 20 minutes) are able to read or discuss their reading with a partner of their choosing. It has been so neat to watch students read together or share about what they've learned and experienced and enjoyed on their own.

Writing- We are continuing to work on our personal narratives. Today, for example, we talked about ways we can not just share briefly what happened, but stretch out our stories and use words to show the sequence of events. We noticed that authors use words like "then," "after that," "when...," "that night," etc. and started making sure to use those well in our own writing.

Social studies- We are continuing our study of communities by learning more about maps, discussing groups that we belong to or are a member of, and talking about how our communities have leaders and laws.

Cartographers at Work

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Flood Relief

If you are interested in donating money for flood relief, DFES is donating through the District Five Foundation. Below is information about how you can give and where it would go, copied from their website:

Donate to District Five Flood Victims

October 6, 2015/in Home Page Posts /by D5

The District Five – Flood Victims Fund has been established by the District Five Foundation to serve students and families impacted by the devastating floods and their aftermath. Every penny contributed will go to support District Five flood victims. In the days and weeks ahead many children and families will need our help. There are 200+ families affected in our district. Let’s show our love and support for our children.

Give Online
Check the box for flood victims.

Give by Mail:
District Five Foundation
1020 Dutch Ford Rd.
Irmo, SC 29063