Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Complete the Scavenger Hunt to win a coupon for 25% off!

Details and Instructions

Thursday, May 16th, 9am to Friday, Jun 7th, 6pm

This is an online event.


  • Find the Berea College Store on Instagram (bcbookstore) or Facebook and follow/friend us.
  • Take photos of all the items on the list, create an album for them titled 'Photo Scavenger Hunt' and share that album with us.
  • Once you've completed the album, send an email to indicating that you have finished the album. Also include the media you used (either Instagram or Facebook) and your CPO box number.
  • You will receive a coupon in your CPO after checks of your album have been done!

Photo Shoot List

Take a photo of...

  1. Yourself, posing with the sand sculpture.
  2. President Roelofs out and about on campus.
  3. A squirrel.
  4. Yourself with your summer professor.
  5. Yourself and 4 others body-spelling BEREA.
  6. Yourself with 2 people who are from places you have never visited.
  7. Someone wearing a red shirt.
  8. Someone sweaty.
  9. An American Flag, waving majestically in the summer breeze.
  10. Your dinner.