By Hunter Bocchichio


Toxicology is the study of tissue samples, bodily fluids, or other body parts to search for any toxins. or chemicals. Forensic toxicologist use this science to solve crimes by searching for any traces of poisons or drugs in deceased victims.

How it Can Solve Cases

Samples from a body such as urine, tissue, hair, blood, or other test samples can be collected during an autopsy. Evidence of drugs or toxins could be used to identify the murderer, if there was one, and the cause of death.

Use in an Actual Court Case

Lynn Turner was under investigation because Maurice Turner and Randy Thompson, her first and second husbands, had both died under similar circumstances. An autopsy of the husbands revealed high amounts of a toxin which is present in antifreeze. Lynn was convicted for murdering her husbands by antifreeze poisoning.

Other Facts

Most toxicologists went to school for four to eight years, earn an annual salary of 34 to 64 thousand dollars, and work in government run labs