Renewable Energy

By: Ryan Haack

Solar energy

General Info- Solar energy is energy obtained directly from sunlight. It is more abundant, less exhaustible, and more pollution-free than any other energy source.

Interesting Facts-

Solar Energy is the only source of renewable energy.

California has the largest solar power plant.

Photovoltaic Panels (solar panels) are mainly composed of silicon.


Save money.

Increase your home value.

Solar power is easy to get.

Its better than other power for the environment.

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Nuclear energy

General Information- Nuclear energy is heat that is released from an atom during a nuclear reaction. It is frequently used to generate electricity.

Interesting Facts-

Every 2 year the nuclear power plant shuts down to go through cleaning cycle which allows the removal of radioactive waste.




Cheap Electricity

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Geothermal energy

General Information- Geothermal energy is energy from heat derived from the Earth's interior. It involves tapping the underground reservoirs reservoirs reservoirs volcanically active areas.

Interesting Facts- In some parts of Iceland, hot water runs from geothermal power plants under pavements and roads to help melt ice.


No pollution

Direct Use

Reduce reliance on fossil fuels

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General Information- Biodiesel is a diesel substitute that is derived from plant oils and animal fats to extend diesel fuel,kerosene, and heating fuel oil. It is usually mixed with diesel in the proportion of 80% diesel and 20% biodiesel.

Interesting Facts- Biodiesel is a relatively clean-burning fuel that can replace the non-renewable petro diesel. Biodiesel is considered readily biodegradable under ideal conditions and non-toxic.


Air quality


Engine Operation

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Tidal power

General Information- Tidal power- is power from the tides is kinda works like clockwork and carry huge amounts of force behind them.

Interesting Facts- Tides are caused by the gravitational forces between the moon and earth.


Tidal turbines are located beneath the ocean surface and cannot be seen or heard.

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General Information- Hydropower is water power. In its simplest form, the power from moving water is used to do work, whether it is grinding wheat or producing electricity.

Interesting Facts- Hydropower is the oldest power sources.

Doesn't pollute but the construction of the dams can affect natural systems.


Fueled by water.

The hydropower facilities can quickly go from zero power to maximum output.

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General Information- Wind power come from a turbine. It is a tall "wind tower". It catches the wind that turns the propellers.

Interesting Facts- Wind mills were first developed in China.

A single wind turbine can power 500 homes.

American wind power is a $10 billion a year industry.

As of May 2014, the United States is home to 46,000 operating wind turbines.


Clean source of power



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General Information- Biomass is heat from wood that has been chipped and dried for the purpose of generating heat or electrical power.

Interesting Facts-

Biomass is all plant and animal matter.

Biomass can be used to make an energy-rich gas called biogas.

Biomass is part of the carbon cycle.

Biomass is not fossilized material.


Reduces need for fossil fuels.

Produce oxygen and use up carbon.

The use of waste material reduce landfill disposal and makes more space for everything else.

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