Looking For Alaska

By: Kelli, Devin, and Claudia

What's it about?

Miles "Pudge" Halter started out as a shy, antisocial loner. He loves to memorize peoples last words and using Francois Rabelais's "I go to seek a Great Perhaps" he decided to go to the Culver Creek Boarding School. His roommate, Chip "Colonel" Martin, introduces him to his friends Alaska Young and Takumi. Between trying to pay attention in classes, and dodging their principle "the Eagle" while smoking, Pudge finds himself developing a crush on Alaska, but she inevitably has a boyfriend.

Miles/Pudge: Miles is a teenage boy from Florida, who really didn’t fit in with the rest of his hometown. He always felt as if his life was much unfulfilled. He is a gawky and nerdy kid, and is also very unsocial.

Alaska: Alaska is a beautiful, witty, rebellious girl whom Pudge immediately falls in love with. But she has a boyfriend. She smokes and has sex often.

Chip/Colonel: Chip is Miles’ roommate. He is a stocky, nerdy young man who has attended Culver Creek since his freshmen year. He is the one who gives Miles the nickname Pudge.

Takumi: He’s Asian. He is the jokester of the group and is a great rapper. He helps Pudge keep out of trouble when the time comes.