By Christy Jordan-Fenton and Margaret Pokiak-Fenton

When I Was Eight

Imagine being taken away from your family . Imagine traveling to a strange place.'' When I Was Eight'' is about a girl named Olemaun. Olemaun is Inuit. She wanted to go to school to learn to read , but when she got there she was treated poorly. She was forced to clean clothes , scrub floors and wash dishes. She lost her culture because the Nun cut her hair and she was forced to speak English.

We felt many different emotions when we read this book. We felt frustrated because the school treated her so poorly. We also felt sad. We feel like we're lucky that schools have changed.

Book image borrowed from Lemon Squash Book Club

Not My Girl

Did you know there is a sequel to '' When I Was Eight''? It is called '' Not My Girl'' it's about Olemaun when she returns back home. We also think that you should read this book!