A recipe by Johnathan "Nate" Knotts

The Pion's History

This recipe will show you how to make a Pion, this particle was first discovered by C.F.Powell at the University of Bristol, in England, in the year 1947. He discovered it by using photographic emulsions at high altitudes.

How to make a delicious Pion

1. You're going to want to start out with the classification of Boson.

2. Set your spin to 0,

3. Then add a charge of +1, 0, -1, depending on what charge you want your Pion to have.

3. Add a mass of 134.9766 MeC/c^2

4. Congrats, if these steps were followed you should have yourself a Pion

Different Types of Pions

Current Research

Dark Matter Stuff

The Pion has been put into the standard model and is currently being studied as a possible explanation for invisible matter otherwise known as dark matter, which scientists believe to make up 80% of the universe, kind of a galaxy glue if you will.