By Afreen Ahmmed - Year 9

How Should You Stay Safe?

On the internet, people aren't always as they say they are. In recent years, there have been hundreds of cases reported about abuse, and majority from the internet. But that shouldn't put you off. There are things you should do to make sure you, and others, stay safe.

  • Always remember who can view your profile. It's best to keep user setting on private so just the people you know who can view your profile.
  • And with that, what's posted on your profile? Never post anything that can link anyone to where you are, or families
  • Do you know who you're talking to? Not everyone is as they seem. Someone could say they're your age, but they could be anyone really.
  • If you think, or know, that you are getting abused, then make sure to report it.

Every website has a report button, if you're getting abused, make sure you report it. Don't be scared, no one will shout, you are keeping yourself safe.