Different ways to stop and deal with cyber bullying

What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is the use of electronics to bully a person. Such as text, email, IM, blogs, and other websites where you can communicate with other people. People usually bully online so it helps them stay anonymous, since most bullies usually don't want to get caught this helps so you have no idea who they are. But there are still ways to stop them.

What to do when you are, or someone you know is being bullied

Even though you may not know who the cyber bully is, you can still stop them. First, you can alert an adult, whether it's a parent or a teacher, they can help you. Next you can just turn it off, if it's on a website, close the website, if it's text, stop texting. Also another thing you could do is block them, if you alert the website of cyber bullying, most websites will block that user or even turn off that users way of getting onto that website.