Albert Einstien.

Ground breaking scientist


He was born in 1879 his parents were nonobservent Jews and they moved from Elm to Milan Italy when he was a infant.He loved playing with his sister(to the right)Their family business was manufacture of electrical apparatus but the business failed in 1894.after that he relinquished his German citizenship.

He didn't complete secondary school which caused him to not get into the Swiss federal institute of technology which he could have pursue a PHD in electrical engineering.


He was considered one of the most influential scientists of the 20th century.He was even one of the founders of the Hebrew university of Jerusalem.He has even won the Nobel prize for physics and his photoelectric work.

Did you know

He married his cousin he loved music and math and he used to hate playing the violin and later it became his favorite way to relax he did a lot of outrageous things.He also loved playing with his sister and would not play with any one else.He also loved to think of his impossible ideas.

Alberts biggest obstacle

I think his biggest obstacle was having to go back to secondary school.Because he was already at high school and he lacked information.
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