Youth Organization Breathe Better

Help us to help them. Please!

To Change The World, Start With Yourself

This organization was created in order to improve air quality and reduce pollution for a better future.

We are guilty that the planet is being the destroyed until there is nothing left but we can reverse air pollution.

change your way of life.

¡ we have the solution !

to reverse the situation can:

reduce the use of cars replacing them with bikes.

increasingly narrow spaces smoking.

fewer trees felled and more planted.

and the amount of trash dsiminuir divide the recyclable garbage and recyclable.

hygiene and cleanliness of the houses to prevent the accumulation of dust.

reduce electricity consumption, which contributes to reducing emissions of SO2, NOx, VOC and particulate

How can you help?

to help avoid the use of paints, oils and solvents on days of high ozone concentration. You can also control the state of the exhaust pipes and carburetion systems of motor vehicles as may prevent the burning of garbage and other waste materials in open spaces. and finally avoid intensive reemplaselo for cars and bikes.

if the air is so important to you and us Learn more entering the sites quoted below