Millennials & Their Reputation

Do Millennials Really Deserve Their Bratty Reputation


· Millennials are in the body of the generation before us but with the mindset of the future. They are basically getting on everyone’s nerves. Millies require a constant drizzle of compliments and acknowledgments to keep them motivated. They’re very spoiled and into themselves because they’ve been treated special all their lives. In order to hate an complain about millenials, do it for the right reason like they aren’t patriotic and very clueless. Millenials are filled with anxiety because of the constant want of being liked and accepted.

My reflection

· This article grabbed my attention because I relate to it in the way that I understand the want for wanting to be rewarded for every little thing. Although I don’t crave attention like millenials are thought to want. Most mellenials contain lots of anxiety which is true because of the amount of stress we are under. With more advancements there’s more to take in. it states that in order to get over anxiety is to face the fears but its easier said than done because if it’s a fear obviously it’ll be a milestone to get over.