Home Design Of The Future

By Isabel P.

Sustainable Ecosystems

1. How would you create a " green " environment around your home?

Around my home I would include different kinds of plants. Some plants I would include are:

grass, Trees, and a vegetable garden. I would include these around my home because it's healthy for the environment and keeps the air fresh. Also, the vegetable garden would be helpful when I need the vegetables in my home. I like my vegetables better when they are planted without any chemicals added to them. In my house I would keep different kinds of flowers to keep the air in the house fresh as well. Flowers like tulips, dandelions, roses, and so on.

2. What plants would you " farm " in your vegetable garden? Why?

In my vegetable garden I would plant tomatoes, corn, potatoes, wheat, carrots, and apples. I prefer planting my own vegetables because unlike the supermarket, my vegetables won't be contaminated with pesticides. It would also be cheaper because I am planting them myself. I wouldn't use any pesticides because I would like my plants natural, but I would use fertilizers so that the soil would be more fertile.

3. What mode of transportation would you choose to park in your driveway? Why?

I would like to have a hybrid car because instead of using a ton of gas it uses solar power. I think this is better because it causes less pollution and its a renewable energy.

4. What types of waste management systems would you include in your home design?

In my home design I would use a compost, for the food waste and a recycling bin.

5. Which endangered species would your family sponsor at your local zoo? Why?

My family would sponsor Amur Tigers at our local zoo. The 1940's hunting had driven the Amur Tiger to the brink of extinction. They were saved when Russia became the first country to grant the tiger full protection. I would sponsor the Amur Tigers because they are quite unique and if they go extinct, their whole food chain would go down, so it's important to save these animals.

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Atoms, Elements, and compounds

1. Three chemicals found in your home which can be toxic to humans and pets.

Flame retardants: among the most toxic are brominated flame retardants, which includes polybrominated dyphenyl ethers. Studies have found PBDEs to be endocrine disruptors, which interrupts the hormone process in the body.

Formaldehyde: a disinfectant that is highly toxic. People would experience watery eyes, difficulty breathing, nausea, burning in the eyes and throat, coughing and rashes.

Triclosan: This is used for antibacterial, but animal tests revealed that low levels of triclosan can cause thyroid dysfunction and maternal exposure causes fetal developmental problems.

2. Triclosan is made up of: Carbon12, Hydrogen7, Chlorine3, Oxygen2.

3. Which group or chemical family of the Periodic Table is this element located in?

Chlorine belongs to the Halogens.

4. Is your chosen element a metal, nonmetal, or metalloid?

Chlorine is a non metal.


1. What type of electrical energy source will you use for your home?

I would use wind for generating electrical energy. I find that generating electrical energy using wind is cheaper when installing and maintaining. They are also easy to add and remove from where you want it. Wind turbines can be located much closer to homes, which means that transmission lines can be much shorter, minimizing losses in electricity. They as well don't produce air or water pollution.

2. What types of physical structures make a house more energy efficient?

3. What type of appliances will you choose?

I would use any appliance by EnergyStar. EnergyStar products are certified to save energy and fight climate change. Some appliances I would use around the house are refrigerator, washer and dryer.

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4. What type of light bulbs would you include in your home design? Why?

I would use CFL light bulbs in my home because it conserves energy.

The Universe

1. Include at least two different types of technology in your future home that has been developed or research due to space exploration.

I would use a TV satellite dish. NASA developed ways to correct errors in the signals coming from the spacecraft. This technology is used to reduce noise in TV signals coming from satellite. Another invention from space I would is edible toothpaste. This is a special foamless toothpaste developed for the astronaut to use in space.

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My house

My house would be fairly big, which would have 3 floors. One for the basement, living room, and bedrooms. There would be 4-6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms for each person.


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