Montgomery Alabama

made by Ryan Barrett


Hi my name is Ryan I will tell you about Alabama. Alabama has another name such as the Heart of Dixie or the Crimson State. I will show you very interesting things about Alabama. Such as food music history and an activity of interest. For some reason I wanted to Alabama, problably because my cousins went to collage there. But anyways hope you enjoy my report


Alabama is known for a food called fried catfish to make this you must go fishing and catch a cat fish. The steps after that are 1. Salt 2.crab boil seasoning 3. 4 cups of all purpose flower 4. 1 cup of cornmeal 5. and oil for frying.


Alabama has a famous song called Dixie Land Delight Alabama. This song is a country song and is very popular in the south and other regions. The band that wrote this song was really strange for there name but it was a group called Alabama.

Activity of interest

Alabama's number one Activity of Interest is football. Football is very popular in the south aswell but they have won the collage football team many times before. They have the best team in all of America after beating Clemson in the final game of the season.


Alabama has the history of one of the best generals in the USA well he was not born in Alabama more of Virginia but he did go to school in Alabama . General Lee he led his troops into victory most of the time. His best group of soldiers was the Louisiana Tigers they fought off 12 groups of skirmishers. What is a skirmisher well they are groups of usually 150 troops. The Tigers where a group of 5 thousand men. The south had a better army than the North but the south couldn't manufacturer any battle supplies and this fact brought the south to defeat.
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Alabama fans sing 'Dixieland Delight' during Iron Bowl 2014
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