Indentured Servants

The Workers of the 1700's

Research Introduction

It was a warm summer day and there was a man working hard in a field

because he knew he had only one more month until he would be free. He is not a slave though, he is an indentured servant. Indentured servants had an impact on America’s history. They could work for people for a number of years and then be free, they could fight in wars, and could help people with jobs that other people could not do.

Research Highlights

  • Indentured servants worked for a certain period of time without wages
  • They could be punished, fed, or taken into the masters family
  • A condition of employment in exchange for service
  • They work slave owners and got small things out of it
  • They used to be used to attract workers
  • They could fight in wars to get freedom
  • They served their indenture and then became free workers

Neil Janjikhel