Minnesota The Land Of The Great

The land of ten thousand lakes

About Minnesota

if you want to come to Minnesota you have to be tough.in the winter it can get as cold as negative 60-70 degrees in the north 5 fun facts about Minnesota is that we have over 10000 lakes in our state Itasca county is the only county in the u.s to have over 1000 lakes at the time we are the biggest state in the u.s we have a Sunday school in St.pual and we are the northern most state

Harriet bishop

Harriet Bishop is our first school teacher a very nice woman and great person and teacher so if you have kids that you want to be educated we have a great person in Ms.Bishop she once said "this is a land of great riches and beutiful terrain"


St. Pual our biggest and fastest growing city is a great place for you to stay.With great put together homes for you to stay in and great residents and neighbors for you to hang out with and if your not the social type you can go out in the woods and spend time with nature because we have literally tons and tons of nature and we are the land of ten thousand lakes so you fish or just sit and relax


Steamboats are probably our best way of transportation they stop in st.Pual the steamboats can only run from April to November the steamboat takes usually 2 days to make the trip