Where is Middle Earth


Landscape, Language, and Culture

Greenland's official language is Danish, which also belongs to the Eskimo family language. This is a polytheistic language that allows the prefixes and suffixes to string together to make long words. Greenland's landscape consist of tall rocky mountains covered in ice. There is also giant glaciers that sometimes cause bad flooding to homes. The culture here practices the Inuit traditions. In these practices ice fishing, hunting/skinning animals, still take place.

Greenland is Middle Earth because...

I will argue that Greenland could be ''middle earth'' because of it's location. It is located as far north as the north pole and is the biggest island. Therefore with those two facts I feel it deserves special attention because of its other competitors being much greater in size. For an imaginary point of view I feel if one day the earth were to crack open from the top that Greenland would be the first to be sucked it making the core, also know as ''middle earth''.

Counter claim

I could also see why some people will disagree with me on Greenland being ''middle earth'' because, of how it's location right now isn't really in the middle of the earth. Or how it's always cold and nothing exciting may happen so it doesn't deserve that title.


Overall Greenland could be ''middle earth'' because one day when the earth destroys itself Greenland will be the first whole country to be sucked in. With that happening it makes it the core of what use to be earth.
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