Burchell Zebra


Kingdom: Animalia   Phylum: Chordata   Subphylum: Vertebrata   Class: Mammalia   Order: Perissodactyla    Family: Equidae   Genus: Equus   Species: Equus Burchellii                               Common Name: Burchell Zebra  http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/zebras

Evolutionary Relationship, Habitat, Diet, Size & Weight,

Burchell zebras are odd-toed ungulates that belong to the horse family.  They all have black and white stripes that cover their entire body.  Their mane stands straight up along the back of their neck.  Each zebra grow to be about 400  - 700 lbs and usually stand 5 ft. tall.  They live througout the grasslands of East Africa as far as Angola.  They live very close to a permanent water supply.  The Burchell zebra eats mostly grasses with leaves and shrubs and also tree bark, herbs and twigs.  They are herbivores.  Amsel, sheri. "Mammalia."  Zebra. Exploring Nature Educatinal Resource.  2005-2013. March 8, 2013.  www.a-z-animals.com

Interesting Facts

Zebras only live an average of  9 years in the wild but live an average of 40 years in captivity.  "African Wildlife Foundation,"  2002; Nowak, 1991; Pluhacek, et al., Anderson, 1992.             Zebras can run up to 40 miles an hour. Baby zebras can run thirty minutes after they are born.  No zebra has the exact same stripes so no one can tell what type of zebra a particular one is in a group by its stripes.  www. the junglestore.com/zebras