A Day in Florida

Nolan Simmons

It was an exciting day for me, it was the day we were going to drive to Florida.We waited till midnight to start the long,long drive.One in the morning was when we started loading up in the car.By the first couple minutes ,I was out cold.The drive was three days long,but it was worth the wait.

The long ride ended when we saw the sign that said Welcome to Florida. We stopped at the rest stop that we go to every year. Its a tradition to go up to the person that is working at the desk and ask for some orange juice. Because the juice is free.

As we left the place we all said our goodbyes, my sister kissed asphalt, then we were off for the rest of our journey. The sky was still blue and the sun was still shining and we waited and waited , but then it was there. The sign that amongst it said Navarre Beach Campground. Our cabin was amazing. The cabin had a loft of 2 beds ,a futon, and a master bedroom.

Now that we are in the cabin we have to find out where every one will sleep. My parents shall sleep in the master bedroom, I will sleep in the loft and my sisters will sleep on the futon. After my dad sets up the camp we are going to go to a beach near by.

We went over the bridge that led to the sandy surface. The sand was grainy on my toes, the green water was freezing and full of sea weed. By the time we were done with the beach at dawn. After that we went to get snow cones at a place called Tommy`s Sno Balls, they were delicious. After that we went back to camp to eat. We were going to bed when I realized ,that there were still 9 days to come.

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