Sarah Winchester's Life

Brandon M and Mason

Sarah's Life

Sarah's life was haunted and lonely. Sarah had a child name Anna that was living healthy. Sarah's husband was William Winchester, unfortunately he was dead. Sarah always tried to communicate with William and Anna, but it never worked.

Sarah's House

Sarah had a mansion that was haunted. She needed a expanded house so she had spent 38 years to fit all of the spirits that visited, so she can live unharmed and no longer haunted. There were plumbers, carpenters, gardeners, plasterers, stonemasons, and painters.

Sarah's Hauntings

She began to expand her house with rooms that were made to be tore down and windows to be boarded up and stairwells that lead nowhere, she had never “fulfilled the spirits” of the house when she eventually died, the house then became a attraction across the country to visit. She never got to talk with Winchester or Anna at all.