Robert Falcon Scott

Roni perez

Information about Robert Falcon Scott

Robert Falcon Scott was Born in June 1868 at
Plymouth, England and Died
in 29 March 1912 (age 43)
. In

Robert Falcon Scott travelled in Antarctica.

The delegation Collected an Important scientific data about Deep Sea, Mapping of the Shoreline, and Discovery of unknown territory.

Robert Falcon Scott prepared for the journey at this way:, At first he Asked to be released from the army. Then he Raised money for the journey.

To the journey he took a Thirty-four Sled dogs, Siberian ponies and three motorized sledges, Map, Lots of warm clothes, and Lots of food.

Because of the difficult conditions, he took the best of the people.

The journey lasted two years (1910-1912

3 characteristics that you think an explorer must have that can help him as an explorer:

1. He need to have a Charisma.

2. He have to be a Leader.

3. He needs to be a wise man

Would you have liked to participate in your explorer's journey?

No, I don’t have liked to participate in Robert Falcon Scott, Because is a difficult journey and doesn't a normal journey
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