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February 23, 2015

Where is Alyson this week?

I'll be in schools for full days this week. :)

Are there upcoming projects you'd like to chat about or things you have seen here and would like to learn more about? *Let me know, and we will get a time on the books to collaborate!

  • Monday- Central Office
  • Tuesday- AES
  • Wednesday- BES
  • Thursday- CES
  • Friday- JNES

*Contact information can be found at the bottom of this flyer.

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Tech Management Tip

SafeShare.TV: Safer Video Sharing

Thanks to JNES kindergarten teacher Lori Hobbs for sharing a terrific site that provides a safer way for students to view videos. SafeShare.TV removes advertisements and "junk" from YouTube videos, leaving behind only the video you want students to view without the distractions.

There are several Symbaloo webmixes shared on Matt Gomez's blog that have SafeShare.TV videos already prepared for student use. (Note: If you need a lesson on Symbaloo or a quick tutorial on SafeShare.TV, let me know!)

Just Dance Videos for Transition and Indoor Recess

Peep and Chirp Science Video for young kids

The Best Sesame Street Video for Kids

The Letter Songs

Songs for Transition and Movement

Check out more about SafeShare.TV on Matt Gomez's blog at the link below:

30 second tutorial-- shows how EASY it is to convert videos with SafeShare.TV:
How To Make Safeshare Video

Cool Tech Tool of the Week


Thinglink is an interactive tool that turns any image into a launcher for learning. Images created with Thinglink can be used as a springboard for research or inquiry-based learning. These images can also serve as a way for students to teach others while showcasing their own learning from a project or unit. Thinglink is versatile and can be used across many ages / grade levels. Students simply place small buttons (called nubbins) on an image. These buttons can lead to links, videos, photos, captions, explanations, etc.

Here are a few examples at different age levels:

Kindergarten Example:

4th Grade Example:

Lots Additional Elementary Ideas:

Several teachers across the district are using Thinglink with their students, so there are lots of experts among us. If you are using Thinglink, please share the ways this tool is enhancing learning in your classroom!

Thinglink is easier to understand if you actually try one! To learn more about Thinglink while seeing one in action, click the link below:


Getting Started with Thinglink:

Video Tutorial from iPadology
iPadagogy - App Review - ThingLink Video Tutorial

Athens City Elementary Tech Integration


Technology integration can be seen in action across all Athens City Schools. Below are a few things that happened in our district just this week! Lots of learning even with the holiday on Monday, three late-start days, and a SNOW day! :)

Social Media- Learning & Sharing in Athens City!

Contact Information:

Alyson Carpenter

Instructional Technology Specialist

Athens City Schools

Athens, AL