!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OUTER PLANET-GAS GIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Symbol of neptune

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How Neptune got its name

Neptune got its name because the the romain god of water posiden,he lived in the dark blue sea so and neptune has the blue color.Thats how my planet got its name.

How neptune neptune was discovered.

My planet was discovered by a telescope.

What neptune looks like

Neptune is dark deep blue with a big dark storm.

Distance of NEPTUNE!

Order from the Sun:8

Distance from the sun in AU:30.3 AU

in km:4496 million kilometer

Distance from the Earth in AU:93 million miles

in km:150 million kilometer

Orbit and Rotation NEPTUNE!!!!!!

Number of days to orbit around the sun:165 year is one orbit

Length of one day (number of hours in one day):17 hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Water forms on NEPTUNE!!!!!!!!!!

There is no wter on neptune ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weather on neptune

A cold culture.Cold storms.

Rings and Satellites on neptune!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neptune has 13 moons and 4 rings made out of ice dust and rocks.

Exploration to neptune.

It was discovered by joham gallie and heinrich d arrest in 1846.

Human colony on neptune

If the were on neptune they would freeze and die or they could ran out of air and die amd they couldnt put anything on neptune because its a gas giant.
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Picture of MY PLANET

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Atmostphere and Temperature of neptune!!!!!!!

The temperture is -184'C (-370'F)