Peter Lalor

Peter Lalor led the Eureka Stockade to victory

Peter Lalor Fact File

Born: on the 5th February 1827

Died: 9th February 1889

Spouse: Alicia Dunne

Children: Anne Lalor, Joseph Lalor

Peter Lalor's Achievements

*He led the Eureka Stockade Rebels to VICTORY!

*He found gold during the Australian Gold Rush

*He raised children [Ann Lalor and Joseph Lalor]

*He became a politician

*He was the first outlaw to make it to Parliament

Peter Lalor's Challenges

*He had to fight the police during the Eureka Stockade

*He had 11 siblings [you know what I mean]

*He worked hard to get to where he was in politics

Eureka Stockade