Turning 26?

This is your year you get your own health insurance!

Aging out of your parents insurance plans and what that means for YOU

Your coverage may end on your birthday or at the end of your birth month. Check with your parent’s insurance company to confirm the accurate coverage end date. DON’T go uninsured. If you're healthy, you may think you don’t need health insurance. However, health issues can occur without notice, make sure you are covered.

Take these steps to make sure you are covered

  • Enroll within 31 days. You have 31 days from your coverage end date to sign up for coverage.
  • Contact the Benefits Department to let us know you are turning 26 so we can send you the paperwork.
  • Provide proof of loss of coverage ( i.e. coverage certificate or COBRA offering). You can get this from your parent’s insurance company. They usually mail these out ahead of time.
  • Check out the MISD benefits website to see the plan options available to you and their costs.
  • Once you have decided on which plans to enroll in, contact the Benefits office before the special enrollment period of 31 days ends. If you miss it, you will have to wait until open enrollment to sign up.