Trip Investingation

Kali and Brian's Honeymoon

Flight Infromation

You will travel from Austin at 9:41am land in Houston at 10:39 you leave Houston at ll:46am then land in Cancun at 2:05.On there last day they leave at 8:00am and land in Houston at 10:28am then they leave for Austin and land there at 12:34pm. The total cost for the flight is $1,081.22.

Hotel Infromation

The hotel is called the Omni. They will stay for seven days and six nights. It is $1,412.80 for there stay. The hotel as very big pool, multiple resturaunt's,and a very good spa that has a hot tub and a mud bath.

Some pictures of Cancun

What yall will be doing in Cancun

First yall will go snorkeling cozumel at 4:45pm and then when yall done yall will go eat with the group and yall will return to the hotel at 7:00pm.There is also dolphin swimming for $81.75 also there is parasailing for 54.99 which looks really fun.