My life

Horrible life


My favorite color is red and my favorite animal is a wolf and my favorite Holiday is Halloween and my favorite day is my birthday.I don't like cats and I don't like horror movies but I will watch them if I have to and I don't like thieves, liers, killers, and bad people.


I have a lot of friends so I will just name 4 (Nate, Jordan, Brandon, and Nature) and my family is to big and so I will just name 6 (Kaci, Dante, Hannah, Karla, Kevin, and Ruby).
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My life style

I am a very weird kid and My life is full of mess ups I can tell u from experience and I have explosive disorder and I have adhd and I have a bad anger problem that I am not happy about.But I am able to control it at times but their are times I can't control it which when it comes out I need to hit something and that's when everybody needs to get away from me.