Spring 2015 AVID Conference

Maggie Aliiaana

today will be looking at my strengths.

Im good at language arts because i really understand it and i like to read and write. I guess i like language arts thats my favorite class. I remember coming to class and being really shy and excited at the same time and what i was proud of was my grades i had good grades in first semester. I have found out that i'm really good at language arts and that i'm good at math too.

My struggles and weaknesses.

What i need to work on is getting my grades up because they are really low but i am working on them. One of my struggles in AVID is turning things in.

My extra curricular involvment and why this is important for me.

I haven't participated in any after school programs or sports or activities. I haven't been in any school events either. I learned that i should be more involved i guess. Yeah i guess i done nothing. Extra curricular isn't something iv'e been thinking about since iv'e been trying to work on my grades. My plan for the year is probably going to after school tutoring but the thing is i know how to do the stuff its just i didn't turn in assignments because i was probably absent that day. In 8th grade im gonna try and be more serious about my work so i can get better grades because i really care and i really wanna succeed in life. Colleges want them to be more involved in extra curricular because they want you to be more experienced in different things.

My GPA graph and goal

I don't have a graph because I don't remember getting one... ever or i guess i'm just unorganized or i possibly wasn't there.