The secret life of Walter Mitty™

Liam Hoffman


The text structure the author uses defines the character of Walter Mitty as Timid, Submissive, and a victim

Claim One

First, Walter Mitty is a timid person. He doesn't speak to his wife in the car when she tells him to slow down. Walter Mitty also only says "oh" to the garage man when he tells him to be careful
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Claim Two

Walter Mitty is a Victim of his wife and the parking garage man. His wife bosses him around and tells him what to do. The parking garage man laughs at him for not being able to park his car.
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Claim Three

Walter Mitty is submissive towards his wife and the garage man. When his wife tells him what to do he just listens. When the garage man made fun of him, he didnt stand up for himself.
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