Live fast END young.

The Incident

During the Incident In 2017BP {Before Parmis} the ruins of our now utopian* world** have been miraculously fixed by our all mighty ruler Parmis.

List of RULES

1. Investigators, must not talk about their work

2. Don't leave your dwelling past hour 21

3.You're not allowed to leave your community otherwise you're chip will power off and you'll END

4.You are not allowed to ask for more than 1 child

5.Do not eat outside*

If you brake any of the Rules you'll be take and ENDED.

Our Banner

Each community has a symbol to represent their traits

Community 1 has plants

Community 2 has planets

Community 3 has animals

Community 4 has insects

Community Wear

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Rectangle of jobs 🔺 1.Your Ruler Parmis👑 2.The Chip Designers 🖥 3. The Investigators {Plant🌹, Planet🌕 , Animals🐑 , Insects🐌 4.Land Separators🔨 5.Locals 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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As you know all every job has a different mode of transportation. The same car but with different features to support your job.

Shown in this photo is the Hover Z24 Classic

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Dwelling Music

As you know all dwellings have the same soothing music created* by Parmis.

It plays loudly in the morning to wake you up quietly at night so you can sleep

Dwelling music

As you know each dwelling has the soothing music created* by Parmis