Smoking: Don't Even Think About It

Valid excuses don't exist here.

Why Not Smoke?

Smoking cigarettes can really take a toll on your health. Smoking can

  • cause (or increase risk of) many diseases such as cancer, heart disease, emphysema, etc.
  • shorten your lifespan by ten or more years.
  • affect your physical appearance and well-being; smokers tend to develop yellow teeth, pale, sickly skin, and halitosis (constant bad breath).
...and more! Keep this in consideration next time you think about lighting a cigarette.

If Smoking's So Bad, Why Do People Do It Anyways?

Many are aware of the numerous consequences, however, they are unable to stop because they are addicted to the drugs that cigarettes contain. It's important to stay away from smoking all together, as to not become addicted. Here are some common ways people can be pressured into smoking...

  • they have family members or friends that smoke
  • they think it looks cool or will make them popular if they do it
  • they believe the effects of the drugs will help them cope with conflicts/issues

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